tungsten carbide roll ring

tungsten carbide roll ring Picture

With the development of high-speed wire rod mill, and its maximum speed can reach the finishing 130m / s. In the rolling process, requires not only roll high temperature, wear, and to be able to withstand the impact of large external loads. In such a demanding process requirements, tungsten carbide roller ring with its high wear resistance and high impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature performance advantages and high-quality rolled products are widely used. How to improve the wear resistance of the roller ring, increase the service life, a key factor in improving the efficiency of high-speed wire rod mill

In the finishing mill, the rolling speed rolling faster, higher temperatures, the dimensional accuracy of rolling a direct impact on the wear resistance of the roller ring slot. Therefore, strict control of dimensional accuracy of the workpiece, and even roll wear, can effectively improve the life of the roller ring. High-speed wire rod finishing mill with roller way, there are usually three types: a group with a roll method arithmetic, geometric group with roll method, combined with a re-roll method. Regroup with roller method, which has the following advantages: a saving roll. Each roll grinding, depending on the degree of wear of each frame, the grinding amount is different. 2. Roll the reserve is low. 3. When the intermediate broken rollers, roller can be changed according to the principle of distribution, chosen an appropriate size roll up, without the need to fix the rear with a new roll grinding.

In actual use, many factors tungsten carbide roll ring in the selection of materials to be considered. It is the first comprehensive analysis of each vehicles rolling temperature, speed, external load stress, roller ring size, geometry, assembly stress, thermal stress, stress alternating frequency, cooling conditions, etc., should also be considered when using special requirements such as corrosion resistance, consumption per ton of steel, grinding amount. In the cemented tungsten carbide, tungsten tungsten carbide is the main hard phase, the level of its content and grain size determines the thickness of the wear resistance of tungsten carbide roll ring. Tungsten tungsten carbide content, fine grain grades good wear resistance, and vice versa grinding poor performance, but coarse grains fracture resistance better.