tungsten carbide mining tools

tungsten carbide mining tools Picture

On material properties, the tungsten carbide is a high performance structural ceramics and high-speed steel material interposed between; on industrial applications, it is mainly used for cutting tools, dies, and wear-resistant parts. Wear parts mainly using tungsten carbide materials, high temperature, wear and corrosion-resistant properties to meet specific conditions required for its wide main products are typically large surface mining tools, roller ring with synthetic diamond anvil and a sealing ring.

Mine is the use of the tool itself WOB and rotation of the rock crushing impact load, while the high frequency drill withstand shock loads by twisting, bending, stretching, compression and so on a variety of complex stress under high-speed rotation and collision environment withstand rocks, rock powder and mineral water and other working medium wear and corrosion, thus requiring tungsten carbide mining tools also have good wear resistance.

Modern tungsten carbide mining tools charged with the important task of engineering geology, oil exploration, mining and civil construction. Tungsten carbide mining tools are high-performance tungsten carbide valve ball tooth, cut coal teeth, tungsten carbide planer milling and other drilling products and supporting tools, primarily in direct contact with these parts rigid media, wear large, thus requiring it has a higher wear resistance. tungsten carbide tools as an important mining wear parts, need to further improve the mechanical properties of tungsten carbide mining tools, to extend tool life, improve mining efficiency, thereby reducing production costs. To enhance the wear resistance of cemented tungsten carbide tools for mining, the choice of ultrafine and nano-grain tungsten carbide, tungsten carbide phase structure of the double bond, double-crystal structure of cemented tungsten carbide, high temperature alloy powder base, functionally graded structure and low cobalt tungsten carbide coarse grain cemented tungsten carbide, micro and nano-grain tungsten carbide and other new tungsten carbide.