tungsten carbide nozzle

tungsten carbide nozzle Picture

Depending on the production of nozzle materials at home and abroad CWS nozzle mainly metal, tungsten carbide and ceramic three, including tungsten carbide nozzles because of good wear, thermal shock and corrosion-resistant overall performance, in practice application of an absolute scale. Tungsten carbide nozzles mainly used in oil refining equipment catalytic cracker, CWS burner and some other requirements abrasion, erosion occasions.

Tungsten carbide nozzle with high hardness, high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and low coefficient of expansion and a series of excellent features, while its wear resistance and long service life, as compared with steel blasting nozzle can be increased by 20 to 25 times. In the CWS burner, play a role in the supersonic jet nozzle tungsten carbide and water jet constraints, the entire key components cutting equipment, due to its high-pressure bore tunnel is subject to water erosion, coal pyrite , shocked quartz, and many high-speed hard particles wear it, the combined effects of supersonic jet cavitation and other harsh conditions, it is easy to wear, life is short, requires the use of high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance tungsten carbide materials. Cemented tungsten carbide has high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance characteristics, the nozzle has been widely used.

Tungsten carbide nozzle structure is reasonable to determine their atomization, and wear-resistant tungsten carbide nozzle materials, thermal shock resistance determines the life of the nozzle, and a direct impact on the economy CWS applications and security. tungsten carbide nozzles in the life of 1000h. tungsten carbide has high hardness, good anti-erosion performance characteristics, is the preferred material is currently nozzle.